Empower with Gardening 2021

Thank you to everyone who has ordered a raised garden bed from VFJ Renovations in 2020 and to those who donated funds for 11 families in need!

More information to come soon for our #empowerwithgardening2021 initiative.

How can I participate in the #empowerwithgardening initiative?

  • Share your gardening tips with friends and neighbors

  • Build a raised garden bed on part of your lawn

  • Visit your neighborhood hardware or feed store to buy seeds and plants

  • Take a picture of your garden this spring and summer and post on social media with #empowerwithgardening

  • Dig up part of your lawn for a garden

  • Use pots to grow fruits and vegetables on your deck or patio

  • Install a rain barrel

  • Buy a raised garden and install it in your yard

  • Sponsor a raised garden bed for a person/family through donations


April 26, 2020

Get Back To Where We Were?

This spring we have been witness to people in leadership positions emphasizing the need for our economy and society to return to “normal” as soon as possible. But getting back to where we were is complicated, and begs the question: Was where we were, where we want to be?

When there are disruptions in our lives, we don’t believe it is prudent to rush back to the way things were. Instead, such disturbances afford us the opportunity to carefully reflect on the situation by asking: Where were we? What does the shakeup reveal? What of the past do we carry forward with us? How do we move forward in a way that allows us to cope and make our lives better?

As we reflect on the Covid-19 crisis this spring and all that we and others have to do to survive, we can’t help but think of our sustenance. Some of us feel vulnerable and confused by what roles we should play for our individual and families’ sustainability, and for what personal responsibilities we can own during this crisis.

This spring’s interruption of our “normal” existence is an opportunity to not only be socially conscious, but to empower ourselves. This is the year to GROW a GARDEN. It is the time to think about digging up part of that lawn. It is about helping out in the community gardens and installing planters or raised beds. NOW is the time for a movement towards gardening so that we can learn to enjoy the intrinsic value that lies in the preparation, sowing, cultivation, and reaping.

Gardening, in all its forms, will give you back more than the labor it takes. It provides opportunities to connect with the earth, and extends to you moments of teaching and learning. If you are patient you will see that gardening is about social responsibility, confidence, and empowerment. Gardening grants time for community and family cultivation and, on top of it all, gives you those delicious fruits and vegetables of which you can say with pride, “I grew that!”

‘Tis the season,

Vincent Fanuele & Jessi Fanuele

Here is what some people are saying about the #empowerwithgardening initiative:

"Love the idea, can hardly wait to see it!" - Steve

"First time buying a Garden Bed from a local company and excited to start our gardening journey!" - Tram

"Great response time after I submitted request. Jessi, you were wonderful to talk to and love what you are doing. Your support for others in this time is amazing!" - Vanessa

"Great way to involve the community!" - Teresa